Volunteering Opportunities

There are many online and on-site volunteering opportunities with the PAAJAF foundation.   Online and on-site volunteering can be very effective, especially when passionate and skilled individuals join forces  to work towards common goals.

Other Job Categories


Health Care Project Planning and Management
Are you an experienced and Health care professional? PAAJAF is looking for a group of people who have great experience on health care project management to support our health care project at PAAJAF. Interested people will work as a team from the...

10 - 20 Hours Per WeekOnline

Health Care Volunteers
The Gbawe community, where PAAJAF works, is in great need of better health services. Therefore, we are looking for health care volunteers to work in the local health clinics. If you are a qualified nurse, you will be able to work alongside the...

25 - 40 Hours Per WeekOnsite