University Representatives

Are you are a University or College Student? Looking for a way that you can volunteer while in school without traveling ?  If yes, then, PAAJAF Foundation  has an opportunity for you to get involved.

PAAJAF  is looking for volunteer representatives in  Universities and Colleges in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, etc.

What is expected from you as a University/College Representative?

You are expected to initiate communications, liaison to help PAAJAF to find partners, Volunteers who are interested in visiting Ghana to give a helping hand on our projects and  those interested to help online on fundraising and collection of goods for the PAAJAF project.

Main responsibilities:

  • Create and provide a local point of contact for supporter groups and creation of supporters groups in your University/College.
  • Help to encourage and motivate supporter groups through organizing activities to raise fund and advocate supporting PAAJAF’s projects or a child in Ghana.
  • Select a project or child/children that you or your group are passionate  about and would like to fundraise or advocate to support.
  • Help to find partners
  • Recruit volunteers and supporters in your area
  • Collect goods in kind and ship to PAAJAF
  • Give updates about your group activities and plans
  • You will set your campaign page on our PAAJAF website
  • Provide Report to the Leadership

Who can be PAAJAF’s Ambassador/Representative?  This opportunity is  open to all  who have the following features:

Values: Feels a (compulsion) to give to others less fortunate than his/herself. Is very aware of his/her relatively privileged life, and personally feels global suffering. Will be influenced by personal, emotional appeals, but will make the decision based on financial logic.

Is searching for meaning and purpose in life. Needs to be part of movement that’s bigger than his/herself.

Beliefs: She/He CAN make a difference, and she/he should.

Desires: To feel she/he’s doing something unique, intelligent and world-changing.


  • Able to motivate, support and encourage others
  • A great communicator
  • Creative, innovative and open-minded
  • A sense of humor!
  • Enthusiasm
  • Access to email and the internet is preferable
  • All University/College representatives must be over 18 to volunteer
  • We request a minimum of six months commitment to the role.
  • PAAJAF gives you an incredible opportunity to change the world. You will change the lives of vulnerable children youth and women in rural Ghana.
  • By volunteering your time and talents, you will be part of something extraordinary: a movement to end poverty and illiteracy in Ghana.
  • You will be part of a global team, a community of like-minded spirits who believe in social change, and who believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.
  • You will receive a letter of appreciation from PAAJAF Foundation upon completion of the task in PDF format.
  • We will endorse you of any recommendation you will need  base on your volunteer commitment
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