The process: How to become a PAAJAF volunteer

The benefits of volunteering with PAAJAF

As a PAAJAF volunteer, you can develop your skills, build your portfolio and take on new challenges and roles.

You’ll be collaborating with  diverse people from all around the world.

You’ll become part of a vibrant global community who all share the common goal of helping vulnerable people rise out of poverty.

Whether you are volunteering online or onsite, we have many opportunities that will help you grow personally and professionally.

How to apply for a volunteering opportunity at PAJAAF

  1. Register your interest here [need link]
  2. The PAAJAF HR team will review your application and select the best applicants for each position.
  3. If your application is successful, the HR team will contact you and take you through an informal interview process.
    We usually use SKYPE for the informal interviews, especially for online volunteering jobs. If training is required, then a member of our volunteering community will provide the relevant training.
  4. After interview and training, you can commence work. If it is online volunteering, then you can decide when and where to work on your assigned tasks.
  5. When your work has finished, we always request feedback on your work experience with us, in order to review and improve collaboration within the PAAJAF foundation/ management team.
  6. On completion, we will issue an electronic certificate of appreciation to you.