Teaching in Primary School

We offer placements among all classes of the Ghanaian education system. Teaching at the primary school level which target children age 7 – 12 years of age.

Be a carrier break, summer break volunteer or internship. Within the schools the basic subjects are taught regularly such as English, Maths, Science, Local Language, Religious & Moral Education. Computing is taught with the best will however usually this is from a text book as most schools don’t have access to a computer or laptop. Creative arts and music again are absolutely adored by the children however due to lack of materials these are mostly read and taught from textbooks.

Your volunteering or internship experience will help our local school improve the education we are able to provide to our students, by bringing new teaching methods and experiences into the school and by sharing your culture and background with the students and teachers. In addition, this will build your personal capabilities and be an asset on your CV.

During your time with us you will have the opportunity to meet new people, learn about our culture and customs, share ideas with us to improve our organization and travel the country.


Loves to travel, explore new cultures. Open minded, attends edgy popup charity events, working with children


Apply as a Volunteer

  • Able to read and write English
  • Must be 18 years of age and above
  • Must be able to contribute at least 25 hours a week
  • Minimum Duration 2 weeks
  • Submit to rules and regulations

Apply as an Internship

  • Must be an Educational Student
  • Must be 18 years of age and above
  • Must be able to contribute at least 30 hours a week
  • Minimum Duration 12 weeks
  • Submit to rules and regulations
  • PAAJAF gives you an incredible opportunity to change the world. You will change the lives of vulnerable children youth and women in rural Ghana.
  • By volunteering your time and talents, you will be part of something extraordinary: a movement to end poverty and illiteracy in Ghana.
  • You will be part of a global team, a community of like-minded spirits who believe in social change, and who believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.
  • You will receive a Certificate of appreciation from PAAJAF Foundation upon completion of the task in
  • We will endorse you of any recommendation you will need  base on your volunteer commitment

Volunteers and Interns incur small costs on placement since PAAJAF does not have a sponsor at this moment. This will be waived  as soon as we receive sponsorship to place volunteers. Your cost now depends on the length of your stay and your accommodation preference. Click here to see the general break-down of the costs.


Submit an application 

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Teaching Primary School Children
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Teaching Kids And Bible Students
Teaching Senior High School Students
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