Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

Are you SEO and Marketing expert? Would you help us to work on SEO on our website to help us to advance our reach.  We need help on these sites: and  .  Interested volunteer will start first on the volunteer site.

  • Interested volunteer must be SEO guru and other marketing skills
  • Must have history as marketing and SEO work is concern
  • PAAJAF gives you an incredible opportunity to change the world. You will change the lives of vulnerable children youth and women in rural Ghana.
  • By volunteering your time and talents, you will be part of something extraordinary: a movement to end poverty and illiteracy in Ghana.
  • You will be part of a global team, a community of like-minded spirits who believe in social change, and who believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.
  • You will receive a  letter/certificate of appreciation in the for of PDF  format for your volunteer time commitment base on  your successful completion of the task assigned to you
  • When a reference is needed,  PAAJAF will be able endorse you accordingly upon request

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