Personal campaigns

Do you want to help fight poverty and illiteracy in Ghana, and make a direct difference in the lives of vulnerable children and women?

One of the most powerful ways to help is through personal fundraising campaigns.

There are many ways you canĀ  promote our cause or fundraise for us. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a fundraising page on this website and send it to your friends and work colleagues. You can choose which child you wish to sponsor or if there is a particular project you would like to help us raise funds for.
  • Hold a coffee morning or organize a dinner party for your friends, or do a run/ walk in aid of a child/ project at PAAJAF. You can be as creative as you like!
  • Organize a garage sale or carboot sale, or arrange a collection of usedĀ  goods such as clothing, shoes, blankets etc to sell to raise money.
  • Tell your family and friends to donate to PAAJAF instead of giving you birthday presents or gifts.
  • Spread the word by using our eCards to send messages to friends in aid of a great cause.
  • Other ideas are to think about the talents or skills you already have. For example, you may be a good artist, then you could sell a painting in aid of this great cause.
  • We are always looking for computers/ laptops. Maybe you could encourage your boss at work to donate functioning used computers to us.
  • And finally, come to Ghana and work with us. There are always positions available in teaching, healthcare and many more. You could also have a fundraising event before you come in order to fund your flight and living expenses.